Get the AHS Door Survey app for your tablet.


This is going to revolutionize the way doors needing to be retrofitted are specified in the field. No more scribbling your specs on notepads. No more wondering if you’re choosing the right hardware. No cost overruns. No mistakes.


This free app is available for download through your tablet. Just tap on your app icon and search for “AHS Door Survey“. Then while you’re on site, it will automatically prompt you to fill in all aspects of the door opening and hardware necessary so there’s no forgetting any little detail requiring a return visit. Once the specs are filled in, you can send them directly to an expert at Access Hardware Supply. Your AHS associate will then get back to you recommending every piece of hardware needed along with total cost based upon your budget. Hey, it’s not ‘Angry Birds’ but it’s wayyy more useful.


Get it in the App Store or Google Play today!