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ADAEZ (Edmit Industries, Inc.)

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The ADAEZ series of automatic door openers by Edmit Industries, Inc. are designed to meet the rigorous demands of institutional, commercial applications. ADAEZ openers are low energy, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant and they fully conform to ANSI A156.19 code and requirements.

Key Models Include:

  • ADAEZ PRO – No electrical power required / 25% automatic use
  • ADAEZ PRO PLUS – 24 VDC powered continuous automatic use
  • ADAEZ PRO Complete – Perfect for stocking
  • ADAEZ PRO ELI – Complete solution for electric lock interface

ADAEZ Series automatic door openers can be found in schools, universities, banks, hospitals, healthcare facilities, museums, airports, hotels, retail outlets, casinos, laboratories, embassies and other public buildings around the world.