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Locks and keys play vital roles in managing the day-to-day security of businesses – so efficient key management is always a major business concern.

In business situations where dozens or even hundreds of keys need to be issued or returned, registration of keys is a time-consuming and often difficult task. In most cases it’s also a necessary task – if only to reduce the risk of loss or theft.

CaptureTech offers several revolutionary solutions that make managing keys easy and convenient – starting from just a few keys. Thanks to software-supported automated systems, keys are only made available to authorized users – putting an end to lost keys.

Systems include:

  • KeyCop – Simple and expandable RFID management from just a few keys
  • KeyConductor <150 – Key cabinets for managing up to 150 KeyCops
  • KeyConductor >150 – Automatic management for up to thousands of KeyCops
  • KeyCaptor – Key issue and collection with fraud check