Solutions for Education

As security challenges for K–12 facilities and college campuses have grown, so have the capabilities of the solutions available to address these threats. From day-to-day access control, to emergency lockdown systems, the Access Hardware Supply team is here to help you feel secure, too. You can be confident that you’ve covered all the bases, whatever the project, because our connections to so many of the most trusted brands in the business bring you invaluable experience and in-depth product knowledge. We ensure you’re prepared to deliver precisely what’s needed for any given contract.

More than 25 years in the business gives the team at Access Hardware Supply a commanding view of what’s what and who’s who. We’ve built relationships with so many great brands and the people who represent them, it’s hard to know where to start. But the sampling you’ll find here begins to give you a pretty good picture.

mortise locks • cylindrical locks • exit devices

hinges • strikes • protection plates • door trim

operators • closers • actuators • sensors

biometrics • credentials • locks • readers

electric strikes • exit devices • power supplies

Access Hardware Supply is your convenient source for a truly vast range of products from top brands. Here’s a tiny taste of what a few of those brands have to offer. But remember—there’s plenty more where these came from.

Remote Lockdown

Schlage® CO-220

A teacher can lock down up to ten CO-220 units within 2 seconds of pressing a remote fob. This standalone system is less costly and easier to manage than networked alternatives.

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Centralized Lockdown

Schlage® AD 400 Wireless Networked Lock

Using 900 MHz signals independent of an IT network, the AD-400 simplifies installations with its built-in credential reader and access-control sensors.

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Assembly-Area Security

LCN® 4630/4640 Auto Equalizer™ Series Operators

Compliant with ADA and ANSI A117.1 requirements for accessibility, these units are designed for doors that are primarily opened manually, but sometimes require automatic opening for the elderly or disabled.

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Restricted-Area Security & Residence Hall Security

Schlage Smart Credentials

With a data-transfer rate up to 32 times faster than the most common competing system, Schlage card security integrates seamlessly into credential-management systems already installed.

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Von Duprin® 6200 Series Electric Strike

Ensure reliable remote access control with these stainless steel, grade 1, heavy-duty strikes. Designed for mortise and cylindrical devices on single and pair doors, they’re factory configurable for fail-safe or fail-secure applications.

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