AHS Holiday Schedule

First up, let’s take care of some housekeeping and announce our 2018 holiday schedule. Access Hardware Supply will be closed on December 24th-25th for Christmas and December 31st-January 1st for New Year’s Day. Pretty much just like everyone else. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Discover ASSA ABLOY Power

Securitron AQ Series Power Supplies are available in one to 16 Amp variants to support the smallest single door systems to the largest enterprise access control systems. Heavily filtered and regulated output provides better-than-linear performance. For a limited time, purchase $750 worth of any Securitron products and receive a $50 Amazon Gift card.

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Simple Swing Low Energy Operators

Simple Swing Low Energy Operators

Don’t let the name fool you. The SimpleSwing by Record has a lot going on – so much that it meets or beats all of the competition – on all fronts. The SimpleSwing is a low energy door operator that can accommodate most types of doors, and a built-in SimpleLynk programing display panel makes the system simple to setup and program. Meets ANSI A156.19 and is UL228 listed for fire rated openings.

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Check Out the “5 Pound Exit Device”

Von Duprin AX Exit Devices only require 5 pounds of force to operate. It was born out of a need to provide the market with a solution that meets the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design that state the force required to activate operable parts shall be 5 lbs. maximum. AX models include Von Duprin 98/99, 94/95, 33/35A and 22 Series Exit Devices.

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The Rise of the Smart Keys

The Medeco XT Slim Line + with Bluetooth technology is an Intelligent Key that can be ‘connected’ to most Android or iOS mobile devices using Bluetooth Smart Technology. The XT Mobile Key Client App provides all the functionality and feedback you need to ensure proper programming of your keys. XT Slim Line + Keys work with both Android and iOS operating systems.

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Stylish Hydraulic Gate Closer for Heavy Gates

The Mammoth is an elegant and powerful self-closing gate closer for 180° gate situations. It’s a real muscleman – perfectly fit for heavy gates up to 150 kg. The Mammoth Closer is equipped with a double bearing for extremely smooth functionality, and an active Thermal System guarantees a constant closing speed – unaffected by weather conditions. (A Dino hinge is included)

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After Hours Access To Your Orders!

A friendly reminder: we understand when you need your order “yesterday” or beyond ASAP. That’s why AHS has an Afterhours Will Call Area. We can assign you a special pin code to enter a secure area of our building so you can pick up orders after hours. AHS is always serious about “access” for our customers.

Tech Tips: Don’t Let the Hackers Fool You

The volume of malicious cyberattacks is increasing every year. Although many companies use the latest network security systems, they aren’t immune to the hackers’ favorite strategy — social engineering. Unlike malware, social engineering tricks people into volunteering sensitive data. Here’s what you should know to protect your business and personal accounts.

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