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From security door hardware and access control product demos, to answers from industry experts, the AHS Virtual Trade Show we hosted on June 22, 2021 was filled with useful information from start to finish. Whether you were able to join us live, or this is your first look at the show, the links below will let you watch the entire event or view specific segments of interest.

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Presentation Highlights

Take a tour of Trimco’s headquarters in Oceanside, CA.

Camden SureWave CM-330 Series Touchless Switches. 

You Asked, and the Pros Answered

Several attendees asked valuable questions of our two industry experts—Mark Casey from Allegion and Mark Duato from ASSA ABLOY. As promised, here’s a recap of what they discussed, along with links to additional relevant information for each question.

Mark Casey: There are a lot of options in the home security space as well as in home automation—both in the standalone environment or fully integrated systems. From something as simple as our Schlage Sense™ lock with standalone app to the Schlage Encode™ lock that integrates into a number of different ecosystems. As you’re evaluating the different solutions out there, I would really suggest looking into not only the product and the technology but the manufacturer. How established they are. The security and cyber practices they put into research and development, as well as the testing and quality assurance. The other key contributor to success I would certainly take into consideration is how you’re deploying things. Will this be a “buy six different pieces off of Amazon,” DIY kind of solution that you’re trying to put together? Or are you working with a security or home automation professional who does this for a living? If it’s the latter, they’re going to adhere to the technology standards and ultimately position you for success with a fully monitored, professionally installed solution.

Mark Duato: And I would just add to Mark’s good comments that ultimately user experience really matters in residential security and access control. And having those technologies delivered by a reputable sales and services organization will always matter. You shouldn’t ever look at just the cost of a component of that solution. You should look at the total cost of ownership in acquiring the solutions that you need. There’s a lot of security built into these platforms today, right at the get-go. So it’s important to ensure you’re using good technology. But also the deliverable and service and sales element of it are really important.

For more information visit:

ASSA ABLOY Residential Products:  https://www.assaabloydss.com/en/products/residential-products/

Mark Duato: As many of you may know, HID Global is an ASSA ABLOY company. It’s a global business within our portfolio. HID has always been known as a secure technology company—a secure identity company. From the integrated hardware side of our business at ASSA ABLOY we want to leverage not only the HID secure credentials for mobile access control, whether they’re physical or virtual through the phone, but also other types of mobile credentials where they’re applicable, including things like data-on-card type applications. Fortunately we’re pleased to be able to provide a whole suite of products that support all different types of mobile credentials—all in very secure ways depending on the type of application. This includes vertical applications, i.e. whether it’s a multi-tenant building, or whether it’s more of an institutional-type application such as colleges and universities. Those technologies are really quite easy to acquire these days through virtual portals. And you can get that support from AHS on which products best fit the application needs, and from us as a manufacturing company.

For more information visit:

HID Mobile Access Solutions: https://www.hidglobal.com/solutions/access-control/hid-mobile-access-solutions

Approaches to Intelligent Access Control: https://www.intelligentopenings.com/en/

Sales Support Locator:  https://www.intelligentopenings.com/en/resources/sales-support/find-a-sales-office/

Mark Casey: Mark made a lot of great points as it relates to not necessarily being a one-size-fits-all approach. Schlage being the mobile credential brand offering under Allegion, when you think about your customer’s unique needs, customer by customer or vertical by vertical—whether it’s Bluetooth or Near Field Communication—avoid taking an approach of specifying or figuring one size fits all. Instead, I’d encourage you to reach out to your staff at Access Hardware or at Allegion to see what mix really fits the needs. And from a pricing standpoint, don’t think about it just as a product. But consider what other value-added services you bring to the table for your customer. Then bundle that together and don’t just look at it simply as a transaction.

For more information visit:

Schlage Mobile Student ID: https://us.allegion.com/en/home/products/categories/credentials/schlage-mobile-student-id.html

Schlage Mobile Access Credentials:  https://us.allegion.com/en/home/products/categories/credentials/schlage-mobile-credentials.html

Mark Casey: Wireless locks come in all shapes and sizes, as does the wireless technology driving them. For example from a Schlage standpoint, in the 900 MHz spread spectrum, we utilize cylindrical mortise and exit trim under the AD brand. They’re connecting back to a panel interface module. That 900 MHz is designed to get you the best penetration through typical building construction—usually up to about 200 feet through walls and about 1000 feet line of sight. Depending on the application, we also have another offering with our NDE and LE families of products, which are communicating with either BLE or WiFi, which ultimately are running on different networks and will utilize a different distance between the lock and either the gateway in Bluetooth or the access point using your existing WiFi network.

For more information visit:

Schlage Wireless Solutions:  https://us.allegion.com/en/home/products/brands/schlage.html#top

(Filter Electronic Locks NDE, LE, Control and AD)

Mark Duato: I’ll add to Mark’s comments, probably the single most important thing if you’re a security provider or if you’re an end user is to understand that all wireless is not created equal. Different wireless platforms and technologies are designed to be applied in different ways, based on the specific needs of the customer. And if you are assuming a certain type of performance at an access control opening when using wireless technology, it’s really important to make sure you understand whether the wireless technology you’ve chosen can actually give you the performance that you need.

So in ASSA ABLOY’s case, we decided a long time ago to deliver multiple wireless technology platforms into the marketplace. The Aperio™ family of products is an 802.15 IEEE standard. It’s sort of a Zigbee radio communication format that’s a global standard for ASSA ABLOY. What changes across the regions of the world are the types of hardware that are used alongside the radio communication technology. And it’s a virtual real-time communication experience, whether there’s an event at the door or transaction information that you require.

By comparison, we also have an IP family of WiFi and also the sister to that, PoE based technologies, that are essentially single-door controllers that have their own database, that exist within those types of locking technologies. Very popular, and extremely high-density door applications, i.e. higher education. And there’s also the data-on-card system architectures that exist out in the field, of which we have several, that allow you to have a virtual network where the transactions essentially exist on the card itself. And so do the clearances and rights. Is that a wireless technology? Some might say it is. Others, maybe not so much. So it’s really important that you understand the differences, and where to apply each of those technologies, because we make them readily available to you.

For more information visit:

Aperio Solutions: https://www.intelligentopenings.com/en/products/real-time-wireless/real-time-wireless1/

IP-Enabled WiFi/PoE Platforms:  https://content.assaabloyusa.com/doc/aadss1010296

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