KSP - Killeen Security Products

KSP – Killeen Security Products

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Located in Worcester, Massachusetts, Killeen Security Products (KSP) manufactures over 15 different keyways for small format interchangeable core products that are compatible with Best, Arrow and Falcon. They also have key blanks available for every keyway they supply.

KSP manufactures mortise housings that are available with both staked-on and screw-on cams, and they also offer a large format housing that accepts Schlage large format cores. KSP also supplies locksmith tools such as capping blocks, housing wrenches and staking tools.

Killeen Security Products (KSP) include:

  • Interchangeable core locks
  • Key blanks
  • Mortise and rim housings
  • Housings cams
  • Rings and collars
  • I/C core pins
  • I/C tools
  • I/C brass padlocks