Optex, Inc.

Optex, Inc.

Sensing Innovation

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Optex, Inc. markets the products manufactured by Optex Company Limited of Otsu, Japan throughout North and South America.  They specialize in indoor and outdoor passive and active infrared technology, including a wide variety of hardwired and wireless outdoor detectors and photo beams, specialized sensors, trigger CCTV systems and a one-of-a-kind Class-1 laser detector for high security applications.

  • Active infrared detectors
  • Laser detectors
  • Passive infrared detectors
  • Detectors for outdoor, indoor, and both indoor-outdoor applications
  • Battery-powered, PoE and Wired installations
  • Products for approach, building, interior and perimeter protection

Products include brackets, camera, cover, detector, heater, lens PoE encoder, power supply, photoelectric beam tower