SELECT Products, Ltd. (Select Hinges)

SELECT Products, Ltd.  (Select Hinges)

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Since 1990, SELECT Products Ltd. has manufactured high-quality, architectural-grade aluminum geared continuous hinges for both new construction and retrofit applications.  In 2004, continuous pin and barrel hinges were added to the product line.  SELECT’s reputation for quality comes from innovations such as Pair Matched™ components on geared hinges, anodizing geared hinges after machining, lifetime lubrication of geared hinges for maintenance-free high performance and a patented process for a 3-hour fire rating.  They also offer the industry’s only never-ending Continuous Warranty on geared hinges.

Geared continuous hinges

  • Concealed
  • Wide throw
  • Swing clear
  • Half surface concealed
  • Full surface concealed

Pin and barrel continuous hinges

  • Concealed
  • Swing clear
  • Half surface
  • Half mortise
  • Full surface


  • SL301 Special-lite door sweep
  • Ligature-resistant hospital tips
  • SL308 continuous edge guard

Toilet partition continuous hinges

  • Geared
  • Pin and barrel